Australian Innovators' Challenge:
Girls in Business


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    How it Works

    The Australian Innovators' Challenge: Girls in Business (AIC:GIB) is an educational program for female high school students across Australia who are passionate about creating social change through entrepreneurship.In teams of 2-5, you will be challenged with a real-world problem case provided by our industry partner, Finder, which will address the topic of female empowerment in our society.You will be briefed with the problem case for the competition and be provided with workshops from industry experts to help you get started.Throughout the competition you will be working alongside our industry mentors to develop a business solution to tackle the issue. In true startup-style, the competition will come down to the final Shark Tank pitch where the Finder judges will evaluate all of the pitches and choose a final champion!

    Why Compete?

    This one-of-a-kind competition will allow you to gain a range of unique hands-on experiences that are life changing.

    Collaborate with Global Leaders

    Finder is an Australian-founded global company that helps make better financial decisions every day. Every month, Finder helps millions of Australians achieve this goal.The Finder team are passionate about empowering girls to take initiative, speak up and pursue their goals. Their focus on inclusivity has led them to create a team of both men and women in all levels and positions, encouraging other workplaces to do the same.Finder will be providing the problem case, mentorship and judges for the final pitch for the competition.Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from these industry experts!


    Q: When and where will the competition be held?

    A: The competition will take place entirely online over one week during the school holidays from Monday 28th September - Sunday 4th October.

    Q: How many people can be in a team?

    A: Teams need to consist of 2-5 female students each. Students from years 7-12 are eligible.
    Don't have a team of 2-5? Apply as an individual and you will be placed into a team!

    Q: What skills and knowledge will I need for this competition?

    A: Although there are no strict prerequisites, the challenges in this competition will be based on the concepts covered in our Initiate 48 program (Problem Solving, Customer Development, Product Development, Lean Business and Pitching). Some of the key skills that will be tested in this competition include teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, adaptability and creativity.

    Q: How much time do I need to commit?

    A: We recommend that you spend at least 1-2 hours hustling with your team every day. However, dedicating more time to building your business will make you more likely to win 1st place!

    Student Timeline

    For other questions, please reach out to [email protected]